About the selection of poultry breeding equipment manufacturers

The automatic feeding machine for chicken battery cage system equipment can effectively improve the working efficiency of breeders. It can reduce the waste of feed and indirectly reduce the economic expenses of farmers for feed. The feeder saves time and labor, has uniform feeding and low loss. It is produced with high-quality materials and has a long service life. Now let’s follow the chicken equipment manufacturers to look at the characteristics and structure of the automatic feeder.

Features of automatic feeders provided by high-quality poultry farming equipment suppliers:
1. The automatic feeding machine feeds evenly and is easy to operate.

2. Feeding size can be adjusted.

3. The automatic feeder has a small footprint, and the four-row feeder has only two tracks.

4. Equipped with feed three-dimensional lifting and horizontal conveying feeding system.

5. Mechanization of feeding can be realized completely.

6. Designed for the irregular layout of small and medium-sized chicken farm facilities, its structure is very unique, novel and practical, saves time and effort, has low loss, low noise, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and can feed three to four floors.

The high-quality feeder consists of a frame, a walking power output system, a walking system, a feeding power system, a material volume adjustment system, and a power distribution system.