What are the precautions for building a chicken coop?

Now that more and more farmers choose to raise chickens, what precautions should be taken when building chicken houses in chicken farms? A good automatic poultry farm equipment price in ghana is also important for chicken growth and development.

First of all, you need to confirm the breed of your own chicken, and then build the henhouse according to the growth habits of different breeds of chickens. For example, native chickens require a lot of exercise, so the construction of henhouses can be simpler, which not only provides better chickens. The growing environment can also save control costs. But for broilers, a good hen house environment is usually required. Farmers only need to do the following to ensure the good growth of chickens.



1. The hen house and the ground should have a height of more than 35 cm, which can prevent the hen house from becoming too wet because it is too low. If it is too low, the flock is likely to breed diseases and is not conducive to the growth of broilers.

2. For friends with conditions, the asbestos tiles with inclined roof can be used in the frame design of the hen house. The roof of the hen house should preferably be covered with a layer of straw, which can play the role of heat insulation or heat preservation.

3. In the house, install automatic drinking fountains and troughs to reduce labor costs.

4. Water and electricity, grid and other facilities are installed in the chicken house, and about 4 energy-saving street lights are installed. At the same time, a solid fence should be set up outside the henhouse to prevent theft and escape of chickens.

5. Set up windows on the east and west sides of the chicken coop. In the hot summer, you can ventilate and cool down, so that broilers have a comfortable environment for growth. At the same time, each chicken house should open a floor window for chickens to enter and exit, and the ground window should be separated from one chicken house to open one, which can prevent chickens from entering and exiting the poultry farming equipment.