Method for raising nutrients in raising chickens in chicken farms

In the process of breeding laying hens, in order to make the laying hens better, we need reasonable nutritional supplements. The balanced nutrition can help the healthy growth of laying hens, improve the laying performance of laying hens, and nutrition in laying hens. Equilibrium can also prevent chickens from developing some diseases. In the laying period of laying hens, if farmers want to achieve good economic benefits, they must pay attention to timely adjusting
the nutrient content of the feed to ensure a balanced diet. Let’s talk about how to raise nutrients in chicken poultry farming equipment.


First, improve the mineral content: the minerals are mainly calcium and phosphorus, these two substances are the substances that the laying hen needs during laying, such as the lack of calcium in the feed, the quality of the eggshell will be affected, thereby increasing the broken egg, and If the calcium deficiency in the laying hen is serious, it will cause soft shell eggs and shellless eggs. In addition, the farmers should pay special attention to the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus, and the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus will also affect the health and production of the laying hens.


Second, reduce energy feed: to improve protein, it is necessary to reduce energy, otherwise it can not be achieved. In addition, the high temperature in summer, if farmers continue to feed the high-energy feed that should be fed in winter, the weight of the laying hen will continue to increase, the laying hen is not a broiler, the long meat will affect the egg production rate, because the fat chicken does not lay eggs. This is very simple.


fet chicken in livi machinery


Third, vitamin supplements: supplement a variety of vitamins, is to promote high-yield and stable production of laying hens. Among the various types of vitamins, vitamin D is especially needed. When the diet is chronically deficient, the egg production of the laying hens decreases, the eggshells become soft and thin, and the absorption of calcium is also seriously affected in chicken battery cages .

Fourth, improve the protein level: the production of eggs requires rich protein, so the laying hens can not lack protein, on the one hand to maintain themselves, on the other hand is production, experiments show that the protein consumption of chickens is related to the egg production rate of chickens, Therefore, when adding protein to the feed, the farmers should pay attention to the increase of the egg production rate of the chicken, and cannot increase
blindly. The protein growers can choose to properly add high-quality fishmeal, bean cake, etc. in the diet, and at the same time reduce Energy feed.