What are the advantages of using chicken equipment?

In many intensive, large-scale chicken farms, we can observe that many farmers’ houses use a variety of poultry farming equipment to raise chickens. The popularity and use of various types of chicken equipment have enabled farmers to enjoy efficient chicken raising, easy chicken raising, and the economic benefits of chicken houses using chicken equipment to raise chickens. So what can the poultry farming equipment bring to the growth and production of the flock? What are the advantages?

1. Environmental conditions are controllable: chickens are used in poultry farming equipment, and many equipments can control the environment of the house. It can meet the physiological and production needs of chickens: the house environment is stable, not susceptible to natural environmental conditions, and the production is stable and safe. The artificial control operation technology is beneficial to control the growth and sexual maturity of chickens and stimulate the egg production cycle. Monitoring the quality and quantity of the flock. Such as restrictions on feeding, forced moulting and other measures.

2. Intensification and standardization: The use of chicken equipment to raise chicken farmers can achieve intensive farming mode, and the number of chickens per unit area is large and the land utilization rate is high. The growth and production of flocks can generally be controlled according to the feeding standards of chickens, and the products produced can meet the standards promulgated by the state.

3. Save manpower and reduce feeding costs: use chicken equipment to raise chickens. Most of the work in the chicken house, such as ventilation, light, humidity, and even feeding, drinking water, epidemic prevention, etc., are mechanical and electronic artificial control, which will reduce the manpower required for production, and at the same time, due to the advanced nature of the feeding equipment, the waste of feed is artificial. It will also be greatly reduced, thereby reducing production costs while increasing production efficiency.

4. Use chicken farming equipment to isolate and reduce pollution. The chicken house is well isolated from the outside world, and the chances of pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the house will be reduced. At the same time, the sterilization in the house can be controlled in a certain space, so the chance of cross-contamination will be greatly reduced. Conducive to the prevention and control of epidemics, especially major animal diseases.

5. Good disease control, low drug cost: closed chicken house due to less cross-contamination, the internal environment of the house is controllable, the chicken group is less affected by the outside world, and the disease rate of the chicken group is low. Compared with other types of chicken houses, even if the chickens are infected with the same disease, due to the good internal environment, the mechanization of the application makes the medication more scientific, so the treatment is easier and the treatment cost is lower.