The precautions for raising Native chicken

1, Breeding chickens in chicken farm equipment should also pay attention to vaccination. This is especially true for large-scale chicken raising. Do not delay until the start of production or peak hours, which will affect the egg production rate.

2, laying hens under normal circumstances, the light required to reach more than 14 hours per day after the opening of the production, free-range natural light alone can not meet this standard, conditional conditions can be added artificial light in the morning and evening, to maintain the light duration of more than 14 hours .

fet chicken in livi machinery

3. Generally speaking, the chicken is directly in contact with the external environment and is greatly affected by the external environment. The chicken is a kind of timid and sensitive animal. When selecting the site, it must take into account the external environment and reduce the external environment to the chicken. Stress, reducing the chance of disease.

4, we must add less when feeding and drinking water, try to ensure that the drinking water is clean, reduce the chance of illness from the mouth.

5, because the chicken is outside, so we have to be diligent, not only to reduce the loss of eggs but also to ensure the cleanliness of the eggs.