How to eliminate low-yielding laying hens

More and more farmers are beginning to choose breeding equipment to raise chickens, and the number of chickens will be more. In the daily chicken raising process, more chickens should be observed and some laying hens with low egg production should be eliminated. So as not to affect the later income.

1, the body development should be good, farmers can pay attention to observe, the chickens in the appearance of unhealthy chickens are eliminated, when using equipment to raise chickens, the number will be more, farmers should pay attention to observe the lower laying performance of chickens There are also chickens that do not lay eggs, and these laying hens are selected for timely elimination.

2, farmers can eat eggs at night, or go to the chicken poultry cages for sale to observe the feces in the morning, the feces of normal laying hens, soft and moist, not chickens, the feces are dry and hard, should be at any time Be eliminated.

3, should pay attention to the laying of eggs is not a good laying hen, some chickens are particularly large eggs, these chickens often produce an egg in 3 days, have lost money, should be eliminated.