The main point of raising Native chicken

Breeding chicken is a kind of complete return to nature don’t need many chicken farm equipment. The practice of breeding in the wild can make the chicken grow and develop in an environment with fresh air, excellent water quality and sufficient forage. However, what problems should be paid attention to during the breeding process?


Choosing a suitable place, the local chicken should be chosen to have a flat terrain, away from the village, and the best place for transportation, which is conducive to the transportation and processing of feed and products.
Choosing a suitable variety can also adapt to the local climate, making it easier to raise and meet the needs of the sales market.
In the brooding and breeding stages, the feed supply and supplementation of the chickens are ensured in accordance with the nutritional needs of the chicken growth stage. Generally, it is recommended to feed 5 to 6 times a day before grazing, while ensuring sufficient clean drinking water.
Pay attention to safe breeding, prevent it from being invaded by natural enemies, and prevent disease. Because most chickens live in the wild, they may infect various diseases at any time. They should be vaccinated and prevent and treat other diseases.