How to prevent chicken heatstroke in chicken house

Now that the temperature is rising, if the chicken farmers do not pay attention to heatstroke and cool down, it may cause problems such as low intake, poor digestion and insufficient nutrition. So how do you do the chicken temperature control in the summer?

1, ventilation and cooling, open the water curtain, chicken does not have a perspiration system in poultry cage equipment.

2,You can use a sunscreen on the roof of the house to block most of the heat outside the house. In addition, it is also possible to use a high-pressure spray to cool down, but when using it, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation to avoid excessive humidity in the house and exacerbate heat stress.

3, chicken through the water to dissipate heat, thereby alleviating heat stress, high temperature can not be short of water at any time, 6-10 am is the best drinking time, check the drinking nipples to avoid blocking. Secondly, the summer water temperature is preferably controlled at 10-12 ° C and kept below 25 ° C.
4, in the feed can add drugs that can relieve heat and anti-stress.