What preparations need to be done before raising broiler ?

Now the raising broiler market is getting bigger and bigger. So many people want to join the broiler industry, so what do you need to prepare in advance as a novice? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

chicken battery broiler cages

Equipment for novices to raise broilers:

  • Select broiler chicken cage. If the farmer is relatively large, it is recommended that farmers choose stacked cages, which are more automated. Smaller farmers can choose ladder cages. Because the ladder cage can freely choose whether to be automated according to the scale of the farmer.
  • Select of drinking water equipment. Commonly available in the market are nipple drinkers and hanging tray drinkers.The advantage of the nipple drinker is that it not only saves water but also helps prevent epidemics and does not require frequent cleaning and replacement. It has relatively high requirements for materials and manufacturing accuracy. The hanging tray drinker can save water and is easy to clean. But it needs to adjust the height according to the different growth stages of the chickens.
  • Select of clean dung equipment. Traction scraping manure, it is mainly used for cleaning one or more manure ditch on the same plane. The structure of this equipment is relatively simple and easy to maintain. Conveyor belt cleaning dung. It is mainly used for cleaning manure in high-density stacked cages, which saves worry.