Six tips of using broiler chicken cages for poultry farm

In recent years, the broiler industry has developed rapidly,more and more farmers use chicken cages to raise broilers. The level of standardization and intensification of broiler production has been continuously improved, bringing more benefits to farmers.Although there are many advantages of broiler chicken cages, there are also many places to pay attention to.

  1. Keep suitable sunshine of using broiler chicken cages:

Chicken is a kind of animal that is particularly sensitive to light. Different light intensity and light time have a great effect on the growth of chicken.Under normal circumstances, broiler chicken cages are generally used in closed chicken houses and broilers are not easily exposed to natural light. Therefore, most farms use artificial light, that is, use light bulbs and other lighting tools to illuminate at night or in darker places.

For broilers, light will affect the time of slaughter of broilers. If broilers want to produce more meat, they must eat more food. Appropriate light is conducive to drinking water and food intake at night for broilers to increase feed intake and increase weight.It is generally recommended to use 20 lumens of light for broiler chickens. The chicks received light for 24 hours within 5 days, and then 23 hours of light every day, and turned off the lights for 1 hour.Or adopt the intermittent light scheme, change to 1 hour of light, 3 hours of darkness or 2 hours of light, 3 hours of darkness after 5 days out of the shell, and so cycle.

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  1. Keep suitable temperature of using broiler chicken cages

The temperature should be constant and the transition should be smooth. The brooding temperature is generally 33-35°C. As the broiler chickens grow up, the temperature can be lowered appropriately. Studies have shown that 18-19°C is relatively the best growth temperature for broilers. When using chicken cages ,the density of broiler chickens is higher , and the heat of broiler chickens is higher, so it is very important to adjust the temperature of the chicken house in time.And technicians and breeders should always pay attention to weather changes. The normal operation of the boiler should be ensured in winter, and heatstroke should be prevented in summer, especially for chickens after 30 days. It is very important to activate the wet curtain in time.

  1. Suitable Humidity

The management of humidity cannot be neglected during the breeding process by using poultry cage for broilers. Suitable humidity is conducive to the normal growth of broilers. If the humidity is too low, it is easy to cause dehydration of broiler chickens, poor feather growth, dry skin. At the same time, low humidity will lead to more dust in the air. Bacteria and viruses are usually attached to the dust, which can easily induce respiratory diseases.Excessive humidity can easily breed bacteria. If there is insufficient humidity in the house, use warm water spray to disinfect the chickens; if the humidity exceeds 70%, increase the temperature while appropriately increasing the ventilation.Suitable


  1. Timely Ventilation

Using broiler chicken cages means high density three dimensional breeding in a unit space, so ventilation is an important link in the breeding process. Through reasonable allocation of ventilation facilities, sufficient fresh air can be provided to reduce the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house and ensure the healthy growth of chicken flocks.Chicken coops generally need fans, wet curtains and side windows, which are the basic conditions for good ventilation. A windshield needs to be installed behind the wet curtain to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly on the chicken. When the weather changes suddenly and strong winds come up, close the side windows temporarily.

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  1. Timely disinfection and epidemic prevention

First rinse the roof, walls, doors, windows, broiler cages and other facilities of the chicken house, and then close the doors, windows and ventilation holes to prepare for disinfection.

Nine days before the chickens are put in, spray the whole house with 3% hot alkaline water for the first disinfection, ventilate for 3 to 4 hours after 10 hours, and then close the doors and windows.

Carry out the second disinfection 6 days before the chickens enter, fumigate the chicken house with formalin and potassium permanganate, and disinfect the outside of the house with 3% hot alkaline water. It is required to be uniform, thoughtful, without omission, and without dead ends. After disinfection, a foot operated disinfection basin is placed at the door of the chicken house for future use when entering the chicken house.

For old chicken farms, in addition to the above mentioned disinfection treatment on the chicken house before entering the chickens, the removed equipment, such as drinking fountains and buckets, should be soaked in disinfectant for 30 minutes, then rinsed with clean water, dried and moved into the chicken farms.

  1. Clean up chicken manure in time

Clean up chicken manure in time, as chicken manure may cause environmental pollution in the chicken house for a long time. Especially in summer, the temperature in the chicken house is high, and the chicken manure is easy to ferment. At the same time, there are more mosquitoes in summer, and the risk of disease transmission is greater. Raising chickens in broiler cages is actually more conducive to cleaning chicken manure. Compared with free range broilers, Using broiler cages allows chicken manure to accumulate under the cages, which is easier to clean. At present, we mainly provide two kinds of equipment for cleaning chicken manure, one is scraper type manure removal, and the other is flat belt type manure removal. If you have any needs, you can consult us at any time.

The above are six points that need to be paid attention to in the process of using poultry cage for broilers. I hope that through the above introduction, you can make the process of raising chickens in broiler cages smoother and avoid unnecessary losses. In addition, we are professional broiler cage supplier, which are in the leading position in the industry. If you need to buy broiler chicken cages, you can leave us a message at any time, we will provide you with the best price and the best quality service.