Reasons for the sustainable development of chicken battery cage equipment

Chicken cages are fences for raising chickens, and the aquaculture industry is an important part of the industry. The aquaculture industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and it has also driven the development of its related industries. There are more and more manufacturers producing chicken cages, and competition is becoming more and more fierce. Therefore, chicken cage manufacturers should strive to improve labor productivity in order to achieve sustainable development.

The automatic poultry breeding equipment is an auxiliary equipment that many farmers now choose when they carry out breeding work. Especially in the chicken industry, the general farmers will use fully automatic chicken farming equipment to raise chickens, improving efficiency and efficiency. Most automatic chicken farming equipment is mechanized equipment, and should be operated in accordance with the safety regulations of the correct method, so as not to affect the safety of equipment and personnel. The author will briefly describe some of the key points of safe operation for using fully automated poultry farming equipment.

The automatic feeder is an essential equipment in modern poultry farming equipment. So, you know how to maintain the automatic feeder:

First of all, when running into the feeding machine, it is best not to put anything on it, which will easily lead to excessive motor pressure and burn the motor.

Second, check that the belt is intact and loose. The feeder uses a belt to transport material. Only when the belt is normal can the machine’s production performance be fully utilized and the amount of operation can be maximized.

Third, because the various parts of the feeder are controlled by gears and chains, the gears and chains must ensure maximum lubrication to avoid damage to the machine due to lack of lubrication.