How to build a large-scale chicken farm with automated chicken farming equipment?

Choice of venue

The venue is very important to the chicken farm, so how to choose the venue? Try to choose a place where the land is flat and spacious, and where there is little shelter from trees and grass, because where there are many trees and grass, there are also many birds and animals, which are easy to bring bacteria and are not conducive to the requirements of closed management of chicken farms.

Chicken coop construction

The construction of the chicken coop must conform to the principles of reasonable planning. Large-scale chicken farms are built to save labor, so the construction must be reasonable. For example, the egg house should be set at the egg outlet of the chicken house, the feed house should be close to the feed tower, and the dryer should be built at the end of the chicken house. Anyway, the ultimate goal is to facilitate work and save labor.



The internal structure of the chicken coop

The internal structure of a large chicken farm is different from the internal structure of a general chicken farm. Generally, a two-meter manure duct should be left in an ordinary chicken house to facilitate the work of a heavy manure cleaner. However, large-scale chicken farms need to use flat belt type manure cleaning chickens. Flat belt type manure cleaning machines do not need to clean manure. You can directly dig a manure channel at the tail of the manure cleaning machine to take the chicken manure out. There is no need to keep windows in the chicken house, because ventilation and light are artificially provided, but the air inlet needs to be left, and the air inlet needs to be set according to the number of chickens and the power of the fan.

Construction of the outside of the chicken house

Use bricks for the walls of the chicken coop, and pay attention to keeping the chickens warm. The top of the chicken house should use a steel structure to make the chicken house as clean and hygienic as possible to prevent virus intrusion.

Management of the chicken cage

All chicken coops adopt a fully enclosed management mode, and the personnel entering and leaving the chicken coop must be strictly controlled, and the chicken coop must be disinfected. And every batch of chickens must be disinfected in all directions.

The above are just some basic things, and the specific implementation depends on the specific situation.