How to carry out regular maintenance of chicken breeding equipment?

In normal use of chicken raising equipment, maintenance is a particularly important item, because the place where the chickens are raised is very dirty and requires regular cleaning and maintenance in normal times.

1. After raising a batch of chickens, check the buckle of the feed line and the screw fastening of the lifting system and other places. You can also add butter to the motor shaft of the chicken feed line for maintenance, and the motor bucket can drip a few drops of vegetable oil to prevent rust.

2. If some chicken-raising equipment is fed by a chain-driven seeding feeder, always check whether the chain and sprocket are normal, whether there are signs of looseness, rust, etc. Only when the equipment performance is good, the work efficiency can achieve the desired effect.

3. Before starting the switch of the chicken raising equipment, check whether there are any obstacles on the track. If there are obstacles, it will cause the chicken raising equipment to run off and deviate. Therefore, you must check carefully before starting the device every day and then start it. And it is necessary to regularly check the line switches and contacts of the blanking line control, check whether there is any looseness, to prevent poor contact.

4. The cooperation between the parts of the layer feeder is controlled by the quenching gear and the chain, so the lubrication between the quenching gear and the chain must be maintained to avoid damage to the accessories due to lack of lubrication.

5. When the feed enters the silo, a lot of dust will be generated, which sometimes causes the feeding mechanism to fail to start. The main reason is that the photoelectric switch used to control the feeding stop mechanism is covered with dust, which causes the feeding mechanism to fail to start. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dust on the photoelectric switch regularly.