What is the cause of stress reaction in chicken cages

With the continuous development of aquaculture, there are more and more people raising chickens. Most of the farmers will use fully automatic poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, but there are still different problems in raising chickens, including the stress response of chickens. What are the causes of stress and how should they be solved?

The word stress should be frequently heard by chicken farmers. In a nutshell, it is generally the morbid state of chickens after being stimulated because their physique is too fragile and their courage is too small. Chickens in the hen house often show “abnormal nerves” after stress, such as flying and yelling. For chicken farmers, the more serious consequences are: chicken growth slows down or even stagnates, weight drops, egg production drops or egg quality drops, and even molting may occur. If chicken farmers do not pay attention, there may be a large number of chickens with low production efficiency due to stress, forcing chicken farmers to be eliminated in large numbers.



Causes of stress:

The most important factor is the environment. For example, the common heat stress of chicken farmers is the representative of stress caused by environmental factors in chicken farms. Heat stress is caused by too high a temperature in the chicken cage, and too low a temperature will also cause stress. In addition, abnormal humidity, light, ventilation and air quality will cause stress to the chickens.

The second factor is panic. For example, sudden noise, including but not limited to abnormal noise in chicken coops, noises and strange noises caused by human beings or other animals, large noise from outside the chicken farm, etc. All of these may frighten the chickens, causing panic and stress in the chickens.

The third factor comes from poor breeding management. For example, uneven nutrition, poor water quality, changes in feed, changes in feeding methods, excessive feeding density, improper immunization and drug feeding are all the causes of stress in chickens. In addition, the occurrence of some chicken diseases will also cause stress in chickens.

Knowing the above causes of stress in chickens, chicken farmers should know something about prevention. In fact, the prevention of chicken stress is simple and simple, but it is to do a good job in the daily feeding and management in battery cage for chickens. But it is really not easy to say difficult, because it involves all aspects and many details of daily chicken raising.