Feeding density when using chicken cages to raise chickens

How to raise the density of chickens in chicken cages? We all know that chickens have a short feeding cycle, which means that chickens grow faster. If the breeding house is too dense in the process of raising the chicken, the growth of the chicken will be hindered and the health of the chicken will also be affected. The density of chicken feeding is appropriate, which is related to the effectiveness of raising chickens. The author will describe the reasonable stocking density of chickens in poultry farm chicken battery cages.


First, the effect of high density: in the process of using chicken cages to raise chickens, the breeding density controlled by the farmers has a great impact on the health and growth of the chickens. The density is too high, the chickens are stepped on, the accidental mortality rate is high, and the epidemic rate is high. High stocking density has a negative impact on the growth performance, dynamic composition and meat quality of the chicken, which will reduce the quality of the chicken. Moreover, the density is too large, the air inside the house is simply polluted, the sanitation environment is not good, the food is crowded, the water is grabbed, the hunger is not uniform. The formation of chickens will be slow to develop, irregularly developed, susceptible to diseases and episodes of convulsions, which will increase mortality.

Second, the reasonable density of breeding chicken: For the newly born chicks, the farmers can control the stocking density at around 30/m2. Then as the chick grows up, the space is gradually enlarged or dispersed. When the chicken grows to 40 days old, the stocking density is generally 10-15/m2. Of course, if it is a non-closed house, it can hold 10/m2, the closed house can be 12/m2, and the environmentally controlled house can reach 13/m2.

The above is the question of the density of poultry battery chicken cages raised by the authors for the breeders. Reasonable stocking density is a key factor in the success of chicken breeding, which is also the key knowledge of chicken breeding technology. Chicken farmers must correctly arrange the density of chickens to raise chickens scientifically and efficiently to ensure the healthy feeding of chickens in the chicken farms.