Chicken cage deodorization method

People who raise chickens know that chicken cages have a bad smell,which not only affects the health of chickens,but also affects the environment.In order to maintain a good environment for the Chicken battery cage Machinery,How to eliminate or reduce odor?

1.Reasonable construction of the chicken house: The house must be built in a place with high dryness, convenient drainage and good ventilation. There should be sufficient exhaust vents on the side or top of the house to ensure that harmful gases can be eliminated in time.

2. keep clean and dry: keep the inside and around the house clean and hygienic, the house is required to be clean and dry, and timely remove the feces in the chicken house, etc.

3.ventilation and odor method, open a ventilation window every morning and evening, each ventilation for 10-15 minutes. This can reduce the smell of the house, maintain a suitable chicken house environment, and increase the efficiency of raising chickens. The size of the opening window depends on the temperature of the house, and the temperature inside the house is generally not lower than 16 °C.