Construction of chicken houses using chicken cages

If you want to use chicken farming equipment to raise chicken, you must build a chicken house. The chicken house is not so well built. It requires the required conditions to meet the conditions to build a chicken house suitable for chickens. Then the author tells you the main points of the chicken house that needs to be built using chicken cages.

1. Because the chicken’s new city metabolism is relatively strong, in the chicken’s metabolism process, the demand for gas is more, and the harmful gases are also discharged. In order to ensure the demand for fresh air in the flock and to emit harmful gases, the ventilation conditions of the house must be good. Windowed chicken cages are mainly ventilated by windows, and windowless houses are forced to be ventilated by fans. Therefore, when constructing a chicken house, it is necessary to consider the ventilation design in advance.

2. In order to prevent and control various diseases and ensure the health of the chickens, daily sterilization and disinfection work is essential. Under normal circumstances, sterilization and disinfection are inseparable from water, and the sewage mixed with water and house debris needs to be easily discharged from the house. This requires the height of the house to be higher than the height of the house, usually 0.2 to 0.3 meters higher. Drainage should be provided around the house; a disinfection tank should be provided at the entrance to the house.

3. It is not easy to raise chickens because the chickens are more delicate and the heat cannot be frozen. Therefore, when building chicken houses for chicken farmers, it is necessary to consider the cold and warmth of the chicken house and the heatstroke prevention and cooling work in advance. The roof and walls of the house are insulated to reduce the effects of summer outdoor temperatures and sunlight on the house. In some colder winters, multi-layer houses can be built to lower temperatures than in winter.

4. Light has a very important role in raising chickens, including heat preservation, growth promotion, sterilization and so on. Therefore, when building a chicken house, consider how to make better use of natural light and the setting of artificial lighting equipment. Considering that we are all in the northern hemisphere, sitting in the north facing house is more conducive to the light effect: the winter sun angle is very oblique to get more light, the summer sun angle is very straight, can reduce the sun straight into the house.

5. When constructing a chicken house using layer chicken cages, if windows are set, care should be taken to protect the windows to prevent some birds from entering the house, causing panic or spreading the disease. Wire mesh can usually be used to achieve protection.