What types of chicken battery cages are commonly used?

Due to the many advantages of using chicken cages to raise chickens, more and more farmers are more willing to choose cages. Farmers who have just started to raise chickens may not be aware of types of chicken cages the commonly used. Today, we will give a brief explanation.

Chicken battery cage

Laminated type is a multi-layer chicken cage overlapping each other, and there is a manure removal belt between each layer. When the cage is installed, every two cages are installed back to back, and several or dozens of cages form a row, leaving aisles between each two rows. Depending on the equipment conditions, multiple layers of cages can be overlapped together, generally three layers are appropriate. This layout occupies a small area and has a large number of chickens per unit area, which is very suitable for intensive chicken farming with a small area.

Stepped cage

This is one of the main breeding cages when artificial insemination is used in the production of high-quality broiler breeders. All layers of this cage are staggered, and the manure is directly conveyed out of the chicken house through an automatic manure removal belt, which usually adopts a three-layer structure. Many chicken farms are raised on high beds. The cages are all overhead on concrete slats about 2 meters above the ground. This structure can keep the chicken coop clean, prevent the chickens from developing respiratory diseases, and has a high utilization rate in the market.

I hope that through the above introduction, more people can understand the types of chicken cages and automatic battery cage system. The above two kinds of chicken cages have their own advantages, and farmers need to choose according to their own circumstances.