Reasons for the decline of feed intake in summer chickens and their solutions

The weather in summer is very hot, not just people, many people and animals say there is no appetite. So how should this be solved?

First, the reason for the decline in feed intake in summer chickens

Regardless of when the chicken feed intake occurs, in summer or winter, it is first necessary to know whether the disease is caused by the disease. In summer, the disease affecting intestinal health is frequent, and it is necessary to take precautions to prevent loss of appetite due to intestinal diseases. In addition, if the weather is too hot and the temperature is too high, it will also lead to a decline in appetite. In addition to these, there are heat stress, feeding management, etc.





Second, the summer chicken flock intake reduction solution

1. If the temperature is too high, the feed intake will decrease. The chickens in the chicken house need to be ventilated indoors and lowered in temperature to stimulate the feeding in automatic poultry farming price for kenya.

2. In the summer, chicken farmers need to provide adequate, cool and convenient drinking water to the chickens, and it is best to add multi-dimensional in the drinking water to improve the heat stress resistance of the chickens.

3, the summer temperature is high, the energy that the chicken needs to emit is relatively large, so it is necessary to improve the nutrient level of the chicken group, so as to improve the metabolism level of the chicken, thereby ensuring the health of the chicken group.

4. Once heat is stressed, the chicken will like to drink water, eat less, and the feed intake will naturally drop. Therefore, to strengthen the exhaust, increase the wind speed, and more water curtains, in the case of ensuring that the chickens do not catch cold, the maximum control of heat stress is the key link in the summer to avoid the loss of appetite in the chickens.

5, the chicken’s living environment is relatively poor, the living space is small, the chicken density is large, which makes it easier for the chickens to dissipate in the summer. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the stocking density in the summer automatic poultry farming equipment.