Benefits of using vitamin C for chickens in poultry battery cages

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid. It is not only one of the important nutrients in our body. In livestock and poultry farming, it has also been gradually taken seriously. Today, we will popularize the benefits of vitamin C in our poultry battery cages.

1. Anti-stress. Vitamin C is a good and economical anti-stress drug. When the flock is stressed, the sympathetic nerve, adrenal medulla and cortex will have increased excitatory secretion, and the secretion of hormones, adrenaline and norepinephrine will require the participation of vitamin C. Therefore, vitamin C has a good anti-stress effect and can be widely applied to various stresses.

2. Promote the growth and development of chicks and increase the laying rate of laying hens. There are data showing that the application of vitamin C in chicks can promote the growth and development of chicks, improve the uniformity and survival rate, and add vitamin C2.5 g/KG to the feed of laying hens, which can increase the egg production rate by 12%. There is also information that vitamin C can be added. Increasing the egg production rate by 5%, there are many studies showing that although the egg production rate rises differently, it is certain to add vitamin C to the feed to increase the egg production rate.

3. Enhance immunity. Vitamin C has a series of physiological functions such as increasing the number of white blood cells, enhancing the chemotaxis and phagocytosis of neutrophils, participating in the synthesis of globulin, and promoting the production of interferon, thereby improving the body’s immunity. Therefore, the application of vitamin C in the onset of chicken can play an auxiliary therapeutic role, and the application of vitamin C after immunization can enhance the immune response.

4. Antioxidant effect. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant. It not only has its own antioxidant effect, but also protects vitamin A, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids from oxidation. It helps protect cell membranes from free radicals and keep cells healthy.

5. Prevent bleeding and promote wound healing. Vitamin C is one of the main components of collagen synthesis in the body. Therefore, it can enhance the strength of the blood vessel wall and promote wound repair. When vitamin C is deficient, it can cause bleeding and wound healing. Therefore, vitamin C has a good therapeutic effect in hemorrhagic diseases and trauma.

The above is the author’s opinion on the poultry equipment manufacturer’s opinion, the role of vitamin C in the large-scale poultry farm equipment summarized by the farmers, so it is also important for the farmers to increase the vitamin C supplement in time for raising chickens.