Advantages of using broiler chicken cages to raise chickens in Ghana

Broiler cages are a very popular method and equipment for raising broilers in the current farming industry. The main reason for the popularity of broiler cages is that the broiler cages adopt a multi-layered three-dimensional breeding mode, which has a high density of feeding, which can increase the breeding quantity and improve the efficiency of the farmers, and the feeding management is also convenient. Here are some of the advantages for farmers to use chicken battery cages for chickens.

1. The growth cycle of broilers is much shorter than that of laying hens. The weight of broiler chicks is 40 grams. After 56 days of feeding, the body weight is close to 2000 grams, which is 50 times the weight of the shell. And it can be sold out in about 60 days, so it is necessary to properly maintain the breeding management technology of the farmers, otherwise it will be difficult to make up.

2. Short production cycle and fast turnover: broiler chickens are used in broiler cages, and broilers are sold out after 50 or 60 days. The chicken houses are kept for 10-14 days, disinfected and fumigation. A batch of pigs is raised in about 10 weeks. If the chicks are supplied in time, 5 batches can be produced in one year.

3. High density, high utilization rate of chicken houses: Compared with laying hens, broilers are quiet and not moving, except for eating and drinking water, and rarely fighting. Especially in the late feeding period, the amount of activity is greatly reduced due to the rapid weight gain. Although the density increases with the growth of the chicken, the density of the air in the house is small, and the breeding density can be increased as long as there is suitable ventilation.

4. Save labor: use broiler chicken cages to raise broiler chickens, raise the density of the broiler, and raise the broiler chickens in the chicken cages. The farmers are convenient for feeding, picking eggs, clearing the feces, epidemic prevention, etc. Many automated chicken equipment can be used together to increase labor efficiency.

5. The broiler cages are used to raise broiler chickens, and the broiler chickens are kept in the chicken cages. The range of activities is relatively small, so the feed required for the broilers will be reduced, which can effectively reduce the total cost of feed by 7%.

6. The use of broiler chicken cages for broiler chickens can save a lot of cost of bedding, and the use of bedding for a long time can easily breed bacteria and affect the health of broilers. This problem does not occur with broiler cage equipment.