Health management in chicken farms

The most important thing in managing a chicken house is the sanitation treatment of the chicken house. Once the management is not good, the mortality rate of the chicken in the chicken house will increase and affect the income. Therefore, the chicken should have a good health management system and strictly implement it to reduce Diseases and deaths occur during the feeding period, increasing the survival rate and obtaining more profits.

1, raising healthy chicks, pay attention to the anti-epidemic work of chickens.


2, a good environment includes the chicken farm environment and the small environment inside the house. The chicken farm environment means that the chicken farm site should be chosen in a wide area, and the small environment in the house includes the hygiene of the chicken house, drinking water, feed and feeding equipment. The sanitary conditions of the chicken house, first, the structure should be easy to clean and disinfect, easy to keep warm and ventilated; second, the chicken houses are completely isolated; third, animals such as cats and mice cannot be invaded into the house and stored. Fourth, neighbors must not have sewage, garbage dumps, and manure piles. Drinking water should be clean, non- toxic and sufficient. The performance of drinking utensils should be good. The water should not be allowed to overflow. The drinking water should not be too wide to avoid being contaminated by chicken manure and litter. Feed preparation should be reasonable, the nutritional level should reach the standard, it should be noted that it can not be contaminated by bacteria, viruses, etc., to prevent moisture and mildew during storage, the size of the feed tank should be appropriate, do not let the chickens enter.

3, eradication and control of infectious diseases Disease prevention, can start from two aspects. The first is to eliminate pathogens; the second is to cultivate the resistance of chickens, strictly implement the disinfection system, and insist on disinfecting chickens. The feed formula must be reasonable and the nutrition must be comprehensive. Strengthen feeding management, maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, and reduce the impact of adverse environmental
conditions on the flock in poultry farming manufacturer.