Reasons for summer chicken diarrhea

The summer temperature is much higher than that in winter, which reduces the temperature difference between the body temperature and the ambient temperature of the laying hen, which makes the laying hen difficult to dissipate. The laying hen does not have sweat glands, and only discharges heat. Therefore, it is necessary to disperse the body through drinking water. Excess heat.


Hot summers will cause the chickens to drink more water, the chickens will consume a lot of water containing harmful micro-organisms, and the loss of appetite in summer chickens will lead to a decrease in food intake. If the drinking water is too large, it will actually lead to thin stools.


1. Prevent chickens from drinking contaminated water and regularly clean the water line.

2. Strengthen feeding management and create suitable temperature for chickens.

3. Enhance the disease resistance of the body.

4. Prevent the occurrence of coccidia, bacteria and viral diseases in poultry farm equipment manufacturer