Main equipment for raising chickens on scale

Different automated chicken raising levels and different feeding methods have different requirements for equipment, but some are the most basic equipment, including chicken cages, drinking fountains, environmental control equipment, feeding equipment, egg collecting equipment, and cleaning equipment.

Chicken farm poultry equipment
1. Including baby chicken cages, broiler cages, and Layer chicken cages. Layer chicken cages are divided into several types, and common types are A and H. Baby chicken cages are often used in battery cages.
2. Egg collection equipment, feeding equipment and cleaning equipment
3. Environmental control equipment
It mainly includes the following parts:
(1) Lighting equipment lighting equipment is mainly the lighting automatic controller. It able to turn on and off lights on time.
(2) The function of the ventilation equipment is to discharge the dirty air, moisture and excess heat in the house, while replenishing fresh air.
(3) Heating system heating can use electric heating, heating, coal stoves and so on.
4. Drinking water system
Drinking water equipment is divided into the following four types: nipple type, sink type, hanging tower type and vacuum type.The baby chicks and the free-range chickens are mostly vacuum type, hanging tower type and sink type.Free-range chickens now tend to use nipple drinkers.The nipple drinker is not easy to spread diseases, and consumes less water, which can eliminate brushing work and improve work efficiency.