Suggestions for new small chicken farms

First, choose the venue reasonably, and don’t blindly build it.Try to choose a place where the terrain is high, the ventilation is good, the water source, the power is sufficient, and the transportation is convenient. Do not build the place where the depression is poor and the ventilation is poor. Stay away from densely populated areas. Do not build chicken farms in scenic spots, water sources and places that are strictly prohibited.

Second, pay attention to environmental protection and do not pollute the environment.

When constructing a chicken farm, it is necessary to consider the construction of chicken manure treatment facilities, such as septic tanks, biogas tanks, etc., and do not allow chicken manure to be directly discharged.

Third, do a good job in disease prevention and control, and do not cut corners.

After the chicken farm is built into the chicken, you must do a good job of injection of various vaccines and disinfection of the chicken poultry cage equipment as required. Don’t be lucky enough to be scientifically raised.