Environmental protection and economy of broiler cages

Farmers use broiler equipment to manage their farms with many details. After all, broilers are released faster. Therefore, many details must be handled well without errors.



Four outstanding advantages of broiler cages:

1. Feed conversion rate: Cage breeding can save 8-10% of feed through verification. The cage meat feed ratio is 1.5-1.56, the medicine cost is 0.6-0.8 yuan, the ordinary feed meat ratio is 1.65-1.75, and the medicine cost is 1.3-1.9 yuan;

2. Less pollution and good environment: chicken manure is automatically transferred to the outside of the chicken house on the same day, and automatically loaded into the broiler cage, so that no chicken manure will be infected with each other the next day;

3. No litter in the house: reduce costs. Pictures of broiler cages, the chicken manure is effectively collected and easy to sell;

4. Green and environmental protection: The chicken farm is convenient for the inspection and acceptance of the national environmental protection department.