Methods and measures of molting

The regular replacement of feathers is called molting, and the correct application of forced molting technology can effectively shorten the molting time of chickens, reduce breeding costs, save costs, prolong the laying period, and is also an important means to rapidly improve the economic benefits of chicken breeders in poultry farming equipment.

1. Method of forced molting

At present, the common method of molting is continuous hunger strike. Making perfect implementation plan before molting is the key to ensure the success of molting. The forced molting scheme for breeder chickens includes preparation period, molting period, recovery period and technical indexes, among which technical indexes are guiding principles for formulating and implementing the forced molting scheme.

2. Measures for compulsory molting

Forced molting of chickens refers to a chicken production technology that adopts artificial measures to shorten molting time and prolong egg laying period. Correct application of forced molting technique can shorten molting period by 10 weeks. Reduce the cost of breeding young chickens and save the cost; Extend the laying period for more than 3l weeks to obtain more eggs, chicken seedlings, commercial eggs and other products; To improve the quality of eggs, forced molting is Following the induction principle of natural molting of chickens, and through long-term production practice, large groups of chickens were molted at the same time in exchange for lower mortality rate, thus achieving the goal of rejuvenating the aged chickens. At present, the commonly used artificial forced molting method for breeders is continuous hunger strike. Before forced molting is implemented, making a detailed plan is the key to its success.