What chicken farming equipment can make farmer less worry?

Raising chickens requires not only physical labor, but also technical labor. With the gradual expansion of the scale of breeding, the requirements for epidemic control, temperature control, food control, and egg collection in chicken coops are getting higher and higher. So what chicken farming equipment can make farmers less worry breeding?


  • Automatic feeding system:Automated operation, button to realize the feeding car back and forth. High feeding efficiency, walking 8-10 meters per minute, can feed thousands of chickens within 3 minutes. Feed evenly, so that the chickens in the cage can get feed and avoid competition.
  • Automatic drinking water system: The automatic drinking water system can ensure equal water pressure in the drinking head and ensure the drinking of the laying hens.
  • Ventilation equipment: The ventilation system automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity of the chicken house to provide a comfortable environment for the chicken house and ensure the healthy growth of the chicken flock.
  • Egg collection system: The egg collection system uses the combination of a vertical egg collection device and a horizontal egg collection device. The egg belt runs at an even speed. The egg collection is smooth. And the egg breaking rate is low.
  • Manure removal system: The automatic manure removal system can concentrate and transport the manure to the outside of the livestock and poultry house for automatic loading. The timely removal of manure ensures a good environment in the chicken house.