The correct way to choose layer cage equipment

How to choose layer cages? This should be a distressing issue for many breeders. Today we will talk about how to choose the layer cages correctly.

  1. When choosing chicken breeding equipment, you must first consider the rigid conditions of your own environment and geography, and then choose the equipment suitable for your own cage material, including the requirements for functions, and increase or decrease cage equipment according to the different stages of breeding.
  2. The chicken cage in the breeding equipment is one of the indispensable and important equipment. Choosing a high-quality chicken cage will have a very comfortable environment for the chickens to be raised in the future, which will help the chicken’s egg production and meat quality.
  3. In the process of choosing chicken cages, you also need to consider the related equipment with chicken cages: such as manure removal equipment, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment can not meet the application of perfect match with chicken cages, if good cooperation, not only save labor cost , There will be an unexpected harvest in the future on the road of breeding.