How to deal with chicken manure?

What are the ways to deal with chicken manure in chicken farms? The weather in summer is relatively hot, and the smell in the chicken cages of the chicken farm is particularly strong. If the chicken manure is not processed in time, it will not only affect the normal growth of the chicken, but also easily make the chicken sick. Therefore, the treatment of chicken manure is not only related to the environment of the chicken farm, but also related to the health of the chicken. There are many ways to treat chicken manure, the purpose is to achieve dehydration, deodorization, insecticide, sterilization, etc. There are mainly several methods to treat chicken manure.

  • Drying method

The drying method is divided into three types: high-temperature rapid drying, mechanical drying and natural drying. High-temperature drying should be heated in a dewatering dryer that runs continuously. At a high temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, the moisture can be reduced to below 13% in a short time, and it can be used as feed.

Natural drying is mostly used by farmers. Rice bran is mixed with chicken manure, exposed to the sun, dried and then sieved to remove impurities, and then put in a bag or placed in a dry place for later use.

  • Fermentation method

The fermentation method is divided into mixing fermentation, distiller’s grain fermentation and mechanical fermentation.

Fermentation is to mix chicken manure with other feeds in a certain proportion and then ferment.

Wine fermentation is to mix fresh chicken manure, rice bran, and crushed green forage, spray with water until it reaches about 60%, put it into a tank or a brick pool, and seal it with plastic cloth after compaction.

Mechanical fermentation is the use of chicken manure regeneration feed fermentation machine, which can achieve the purpose of fermentation in half a day. The fermented chicken manure is yellow-brown, loose, slightly sour and sweet, suitable for small and medium-sized chicken farms.

  •  Silage Method

Use fresh chicken manure 50-65% mixed with chopped green fodder, nuclear forage fodder, and rice bran. When the water content is controlled at about 60%, it can be used within 30-45 days after compaction and sealing. It can be used for cattle and sheep. And pig feeding.

Above all, Farmers need to dispose of chicken manure reasonably.