How to choose chicken cage?

Want to successfully develop the aquaculture industry. The choice of chicken coop is very important. How to choose chicken cage?

Classified by structure: single-layer parallel, semi-ladder, overlapping and full-ladder. Single-layer parallel type: The stocking density is high, the utilization rate of the chicken house is high, but there is no obvious division of cage groups and lanes, management and feeding are difficult. Half-step type: The ventilation effect is worse than that of the full-step type, but the feeding density is higher.

Overlapping type: The stocking density is high, the utilization rate of the chicken house is high, and the production efficiency is good. However, the construction of the chicken house, ventilation equipment, and manure removal equipment require high, which is inconvenient to observe the flock and difficult to manage. Full-staircase type: The bottom of the cage does not require a manure board, a manure pit, or a manure cleaning system. The structure is simple, and each layer of the cage has large ventilation and light areas, but it covers a large area, low feeding density, and high equipment cost.



Classified by material: steel wire and iron wire. Steel wire: harder, high strength, good elasticity; iron wire: softer, good plasticity, but easy to bend and deform. Price: The price of steel wire is higher than that of iron wire. Classified by process: galvanizing and spraying process.


Process inspection: galvanizing, plastic spraying and other processes require thick, uniform, and no peeling; no welding depth is consistent, no false welding, missing welding and obvious welding traces, etc. High-quality products: easy to assemble, can be adjusted appropriately according to the site, can be single-layer, multi-layer, step adjustment, can be equipped with automatic drinking water, automatic filling, automatic manure removal, and realize the automation of breeding.

There are many types of chicken cages due to different classification methods. For example, according to their assembly form, they can be divided into stepped type, semi-stepped type, stacked type, stepped stacked integrated type and single layered flat type; according to their purpose, they can be divided into laying eggs. Chicken cages, brooding cages, brooding cages, breeder cages and broiler cages. Farmers need to choose a suitable chicken cage according to their needs.