What to do if there is an infectious disease in the chicken house

If the chicken is sick, especially the infectious disease, the speed is high and the loss is large. Therefore, in order to avoid the outbreak of chicken infectious diseases, chicken farmers must take precautionary measures.

Disinfection: Disinfection is the key work of daily chicken management, including disinfection of the chicken house, disinfection of the trough, disinfection of the chicken battery cages ,etc.,and the manure is cleaned up in time.

Feed: It is necessary to pay attention to the combination of feed, for example, all kinds of nutrition should be more comprehensive, the chicken eats well, the body is good, naturally it can have stronger disease resistance. Relatively speaking, the temperature and humidity in the chicken house will be relatively high. If the feed is poured out for a long time, it will be prone to mildew, which will lead to poor body quality.

Pay attention to observation: If the chicken is in the early stage of the disease, there will be some symptoms, so be sure to observe it. Especially at night, it is quieter, which is easier to observe