What are the advantages of chicken poultry farming equipment

In many intensive and large-scale chicken farms, we can observe that the chicken coops of many farmers use various types of chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens. The popularity and use of various types of chicken breeding equipment makes farmers I have enjoyed high-efficiency chicken raising, easy chicken raising, and the economic benefits of chicken houses using chicken raising equipment have also been improved. So what help can the chicken poultry farming equipment bring to the growth and production of the chickens? What are the advantages Well, let’s introduce it to farmers.


1. Controllable environmental conditions: use chicken-raising equipment to raise chickens. Many equipment can control the environment of the chicken house, which can meet the physiological and production needs of chickens: the environment of the chicken house is stable, not easily affected by natural environmental conditions, and the production is stable. Safety; through manual control operation technology, it is beneficial to control the growth and development of chickens, sexual maturity and stimulate the laying cycle, and facilitate the monitoring of the quality and quantity of the chickens. Such as restricting breeding, compulsory moulting and other measures.


2. Intensification and standardization: Chicken farmers using chicken breeding equipment can realize an intensive breeding model, and the number of chickens per unit area is large, and the land utilization rate is high.



 3. Save manpower and reduce feeding costs: use chicken raising equipment to raise chickens. Most of the work in the chicken house, such as ventilation, light, humidity, and even feeding, drinking, and epidemic prevention, are mechanically and electronically controlled. This will reduce the manpower required for production. At the same time, due to the advanced feeding equipment, the artificial waste of feed It will also be greatly reduced, thereby reducing
feeding costs while improving production efficiency.


4. The chicken house is well isolated and the pollution is less: the chicken house is better isolated from the outside world, and the chance of pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the house will be reduced. At the same time, the disinfection and sterilization of the house Control in a certain space, so that the chance of cross-contamination will be greatly reduced, which is beneficial to the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, especially major animal diseases.


5. Good disease control and low medicine cost: The enclosed chicken house has less cross-contamination, and the internal environment of the chicken house is well controllable. The chicken flock is less affected by the outside world and the chicken flock has a low risk of infection. It is similar to other types of chicken houses. In contrast, even if the chickens are infected with the same disease, because the internal environment is good, the mechanization of the
application makes the application more scientific, so the treatment is easier and the treatment cost is lower.


6. Unaffected in extreme environments: like winter and summer, chicken houses that use chicken raising equipment to raise chickens under high temperature and low temperatures will not be affected. Closed chicken houses rely on complete chicken raising equipment for mechanized temperature Control, no matter what kind of extreme environment is encountered, a large amount of energy can be used for artificial control, so normal production can still be organized in extreme