How to choose chicken breeding equipment in a farm

Nowadays, farmers choose automatic poultry farming equipment to reduce labor and increase farming income.Many customers in Ghana have chosen layer cage breeding equipment .So how to choose


First of all, we must know that the stacked cage equipment uses a full set of hot-dip galvanizing technology, which is corrosion-resistant and has a service life of more than 20 years. The unique cage door design effectively prevents the chickens from shaking their heads and wasting feed when they eat. High-quality pvc material, silver-white color galvanized surface treatment is anti-falling, anti-compression, anti-aging, and the unique large opening design of the large reverse slope trough can effectively prevent chickens from throwing the feed out of the trough to save feed. High-density breeding saves land, about 70% less than the ladder-type land, centralized management, energy and resource saving, using advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy consumption, improve labor productivity, stacking cage equipment Save space and increase the feeding density to more than 60 animals per square meter.





Temperature is an important environmental factor for chicken feeding and management. Maintaining a suitable temperature in the chicken house can maintain a high and stable egg production rate and save feed. Hens can hardly tolerate the continuous high temperature above 30℃. When the ambient temperature rises above 35℃, the heat stress will cause the feed intake and egg production rate to decrease significantly, the egg weight becomes smaller, the eggshell becomes thinner, and the egg breakage rate increases. . Therefore, the laying hen house should pay attention to heat preservation in winter and cool down in summer.


Ensure reasonable breeding density of chickens. Under normal circumstances, the number of chickens raised per square meter is 14-18. In different breeding stages, farmers also need to determine their breeding density according to the size of the chicken. Remember not to cause too much breeding density to cause chickens to breathe suffering. Keep the air fresh, but in winter, pay attention to the heat preservation of the chicken house and try to prevent the direct attack of the cold wind on the chicken. In summer, try to reduce the temperature of the house to prevent heat stress.


Water supply equipment: Water is an indispensable substance for chickens, so automatic chicken drinkers and feeders equipment is a necessary equipment. From the perspective of water conservation and pollution prevention, drinking fountains are ideal water supply equipment, which can realize automatic drinking of eggs without the need for farmers. Manual water feeding is efficient, but farmers should pay attention to choosing high-quality water-tight drinking fountains. Feeding equipment: There are many ways to feed chickens, but now most farmers will choose to use an automatic feeder. The feeder is specifically designed for feeding equipment like cages, which can be fed from three to five layers. Multi-layer cage, the feeding machine has unique structure, practical, time-saving and labor-saving, uniform feeding, less loss, using battery power supply, DC motor drive, low noise, easy operation, flexible steering, small turning space, convenient maintenance, etc.