Setting up the chicken cage environment

With the rapid development of large-scale chicken farming, the degree of intensification and industrialization of the chicken industry continues to increase. Chicken cages and microclimate have an increasing impact on chicken health and production performance. Therefore, the environmental control technology of large-scale chicken farming must keep up with the needs of modern chicken production. Timely adjust the goals and strategies of chicken breeding environment control, continue to research, develop and apply new chicken battery cages environmental control technology and equipment, and do a good job of escort and technical support for the healthy and safe production of modern chicken breeding.

The performance of chickens is greatly affected by light. Light will stimulate the chicken pituitary gland to release gonadotropins, thereby promoting the maturation of follicles and ovulation under the action of luteinizing hormone. Reasonable regulation of the light environment can break the seasonal production characteristics of laying hens and achieve balanced production throughout the year. In addition to the 8-hour short-day light control during the laying period, the rest of the laying period mostly uses 16-hour light, and the broiler adopts a 23-hour light system. The application of this kind of light system can maintain higher production performance of chickens.

The air environment’s influencing factors on modern chicken production mainly include: air temperature, air humidity, air composition, airflow speed, etc. The use of large livestock fans and longitudinal ventilation technology can ensure the effective supply of large amounts of fresh air required for high-density chicken breeding. And it can save 40%~70% of the ventilation energy consumption in the chicken house, and can also eliminate the dead angle of ventilation, and achieve the purpose of effectively removing dirty gas, dehumidification and cooling. The development and application of water curtain evaporative cooling technology has economically and effectively solved the technical problems of large-scale chicken breeding in hot summer areas.

Water environment mainly refers to the state of water sources. The successful research and development of the nipple drinker solves the problems of cross-infection caused by large-scale chicken-raising water trough drinking water and reducing water consumption and sewage discharge. It plays an important role in keeping chicken manure dry in the house and maintaining good air quality in the house. The research and development of various modes and technologies such as greenhouse fermentation of chicken manure, high temperature drying, and biogas treatment have also greatly reduced the problem of chicken pollution.