How to properly construct broiler chicken houses

A reasonable chicken house can provide a good living environment for the chickens to grow healthy. The chicken house should be built in an open and convenient place, and at the same time, the terrain should be dry and sunny.

The chicken house is divided into two types: closed and open. The enclosed chicken house has no windows around it. It is artificially illuminated and mechanically ventilated. It is an energy-consuming house, and the climate is easy to control and easy to manage. The open chicken house is a window house, an energy-saving house that uses the natural resources of the outside world. Generally, no power ventilation is required, and artificial lighting is fully utilized. The disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by the outside world.



The purpose of ventilation is to exclude as much dirty air as possible: introduce fresh air and keep the air inside the poultry cage equipment fresh. Use natural ventilation. No need for power, only relying on natural wind pressure and hot pressure to generate air flow, the advantage is that the maintenance cost is small, simple and easy, but subject to seasonal control. The advantage of mechanical ventilation is that ventilation and ventilation are thorough and rapid, and the disadvantage is that the investment is large and the cost is high.

For broiler chickens, to ensure that the light is not too strong, the main role of the window is to focus on ventilation, and more artificial lighting to ensure the lighting of the broiler, especially for closed chicken houses.