Advantages of stepped brooding equipment

The distance between frame legs is 1200mm, and hot-dip perforated galvanized sheets are used to separate cage units, so that rearing cages are very firm. It is effective to keep more warm. C-shape legs are formed of hot-dip galvanized sheets, thus easy to clean up and also having a long life-span.

Baby chicken cage nets use the hot-dip galvanizing technology are resistant to corrosion.

The trolley feeding type can ensure uniform feeding. The hopper with a special regulating mechanism can regulate feed quantity according to the birds’ age.

The inside of the trough made of hot dip galvanized sheets is fitted with an additional adjusting plate. When birds are small, birds gather for eating below the adjusting plate. With the age increasing, the adjusting plate gets down. And chickens gather for eating above the adjusting plate. There is a bird-stop line above the adjusting plate. Therefore, all the designs ensure that pullets can eat freely and avoid running away.

1. The galvanized low carbon steel wire has strong tensile strength and pressure resistance;

2. Easy to observe the growth of chicks, easy to group and selective selection;

3. Automatically clearing feces effectively reduces the disease infection rate and mortality of chicks;

4. The trough is equipped with an adjustment plate to meet the chick feeding at different growth stages;

5. There is enough feeding and drinking position, and the uniformity and health of the chicken are good;

6. Compared with flat feeding, the feeding amount of chicks per unit area has increased by 50% – 100%;

7. The pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, and the water supply of each nipple drinker is evenly distributed to ensure sufficient water supply for the chicks;

8. It can be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, automatic water supply system and automatic cleaning system to realize the specialization and automation of equipment.