How do chicken lay more eggs?

Increasing the egg production of layer chicken is a concern of every layer chicken farmer. Now more farmers choose to use modern chicken cages for breeding, so how can we let chicken lay more eggs?

why the eggshell will become white?

  1. Feeding concentrated feed. For eggs to be certified to organic standards, those raised chickens cannot be given ordinary feed, but they can be given some concentrated feed with relatively high protein content.
  2. Sufficient light. Chickens need suitable temperature and light when laying eggs, so farms should pay attention to temperature changes. When there is less sunlight in winter, install electric lights in time to artificially supplement light. when the light is strong in summer, pay attention to the farm’s ventilate and cool down.
  3. chicken that lay less eggs, sick chicken, and chicken that bite the group. The particularly domineering laying chicken should be dealt with in time. Individual chicken should not affect the mood of all chicken. Only a group of harmonious chicken  can lay eggs happily. Can lay more eggs.