Construction requirements for chicken farms

From rural to urban areas, there are many chicken farms and a variety of chicken farms. For example, a simple farm may only have a large open space in a chicken house, and the fence is simple in the vicinity. The conditions are not particularly good. There are also very good constructions. The various poultry farming equipments and materials are also the best. The environmental sites also have advantages, but they may not be practical. Therefore, the author thinks that the best chicken farm is to have complete facilities, good environment and practical facilities.

1. Environmental requirements

Whether it is urban or rural, it is necessary to have a source of water supply and a place to properly treat excreta. There are also some mines away. To avoid polluting the water source, it can not be used, and some have an impact on the human body. Away from the factory, some factories discharge sewage and may also pollute the water source. The smoke emitted is also toxic. The road is open and can travel to and from the vehicle. Find a place that is warm in winter and cool in the summer near the hills.

2. Facility conditions

Need chicken house, brooding room, hatching room, isolation room, activity field, stocking field, the surrounding environment needs greening, it is best to have fruit trees or groves to do the activity field, adult chickens must rest in the chicken house at night, hatching summer needs Separate incubator with incubator. The hatched chicks are transferred to the brooding room for a while. Need to have chandeliers, insulation, and clean utensils. Isolation of sick chickens to avoid infection.

3. Ventilation

The length of the house should not be too long, the length and width should be corresponding, the narrow space, the air is not good, the chickens are inconvenient to enter and exit, and it is easy to crowd and have a stampede. More windows can be fully ventilated at any time. It is best to install a ventilating fan. The temperature in the room is not changed much, but the air can be replaced. Both ends of the house should be the main ventilation ventilation channel.

4. Laying the ground

There are two types of construction grounds, one is direct field and the second is wire mesh. The ground is chosen to be easy to clean and does not slip on the ground. The ground resistant to water corrosion is best. Direct cement is also very good. The net is to isolate the chicken and excrement. The flock does not directly contact the excrement and is not susceptible to infection. It’s healthier, but it takes more to do with the processing system.

The main requirement for the construction of chicken farms is that the poultry breeding equipment is complete, the environment is good, the sanitation is clean, and the indoor environment is better. Enough to deal with the best environment for the four seasons of the chickens. The environment is good and the growth will be better, including management and management. Will not pollute the surrounding environment.