Precautions for broiler stocking

Before feeding the broilers, prepare the feeding troughs, drinking fountains, feeds, etc., and choose to warm the sunny days. In the first few days, stocking for 2 to 4 hours a day, and gradually increasing the stocking time. It is advisable to choose a windless weather and not to stock it in heavy rain, strong winds or cold weather. In the process of stocking, stocking and taming should be carried out to establish conditional reflexes such as returning the chickens so that each chicken can be returned in time in an emergency. In the wild, broiler chickens should pay special attention to the invasion of natural enemies such as rats and weasels. The built chicken house should ensure that it can be protected from cold in winter, and it can cool down in summer, and open drainage ditch around it to avoid water accumulation. The prevention and treatment of disease in broiler chickens should follow the principle of “prevention first, treatment as shop”, adopt comprehensive prevention and control measures, and implement “all-in, all-out” management technology.