Planning and construction of standardized commodity laying hens

How to promote the transformation and upgrading of laying hen production and establish a standardized commercial egg farm in line with the current industrial development is an urgent issue before us.

1. The practical significance of the construction of standardized commercial chicken farms

Standardized commercial laying hens is an inevitable direction for the modernization of traditional laying hens. Only when farming reaches standardization, scale, and modernization can we achieve service guidance, technology application, disease prevention and control, product sales, quality control, etc. To ensure the efficiency of breeding, to ensure the quality of animal products and public health and safety.

2. Standardization of the location of the commercial layer chicken cages farm

It is very important to standardize the location of the commercial laying hens. It is necessary to follow the harmony of production and life, and to coordinate with the overall agricultural social and economic development. On this basis, site selection should take into account the terrain, terrain, soil quality, location of the residential area, transportation, electricity, material supply and climatic conditions for scientific planning and rational design.

3. Standardized commodity construction site requirements for laying hens

From the perspective of facilitating epidemic prevention and organizational production. The divisional layout of the field area is the production area, living office area, and sewage treatment area. The regions are relatively independent. In particular, the production area should be kept independent and closed, and there should be a quarantine wall or a quarantine ditch as a separation belt. The entrance and exit of the gate should be equipped with a duty room, a dressing disinfection room and a vehicle disinfection passage. The chicken house should be placed north to the south, and between the ridge and the ridge. Keep enough distance.

According to the dominant wind direction, the terrain level and the direction of water flow are living area, office area, production area and manure treatment area. The living area is located in the upwind direction, close to the main road. If the terrain and the wind direction are inconsistent, the dominant wind direction is dominant.