How to disinfect chickens more scientifically

Disinfection is an indispensable step in raising chickens. How can chickens be more scientific and effective?

1. Clean the house before disinfection: Before the farmers are disinfected with the chicken, they should pay attention to cleaning the inside and outside of the house and poultry cages for sale.

2.choose high-quality disinfection drugs: farmers should choose to use broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, strong sterilization effect but no toxicity, no irritating, no residue, and less corrosive to metal and plastic products. Disinfectant.

3. Scientific preparation of disinfectant: When formulating disinfectant drugs, farmers should pay attention to selecting deep well water or tap water with less impurities, and pay attention to the water temperature control at 30~45 °C.

4. Selection of disinfection equipment and proper spraying: When selecting disinfection equipment, you can choose high-pressure power sprayer or knapsack sprayer.