What are the reasons for the easy onset of farms?

The number of chickens raised in chicken farms is generally very large for battery cage system for layers price in india. It is very common for chickens to get sick in chicken farms. What are the reasons? What should we do to avoid them.

First of all, in the case where the chicken coop is not properly disinfected, it is easy to cause the virus in the chicken house. In fact, the disinfection of the chicken farm is very particular. The disinfection method required for each season is different, and the diseases to be targeted are also different. For example, the disinfection in the early spring and summer season is mainly for germs, but in the middle and late stages, it is necessary to target some parasites. Secondly, it is not only for the disinfection of chicken farms, but also for a certain degree of immunization and sterilization. Therefore, farmers should be aware of whether their disinfection is in place.

Chickens that are dead in the chicken house should be treated promptly, especially at the time of onset. The chickens that are dead must be kept away from the house, and there should be no water nearby. The buried ones should be deep so that the pathogens of the dead chickens are very large. The isolation, but also timely immunization of the chicken house, the vaccine process of the young chicken is largely scientific, and it is not easy to cause the vaccine effect to be affected, so do not easily change the process of epidemic prevention, otherwise it is easy to cause drugs. conflict.

Many diseases in chicken farms are in fact caused by farmers directly, so when you raise chickens in cage system poultry house in kenya, look at some precautions for raising chickens and avoid touching taboos. Everyday chicken farms must strictly control the ingress and egress of foreign materials, so the safety will be higher!