How to maintain poultry farming equipment in India?

With the continuous development of the chicken industry in India, many poultry farming equipment has been put into the chicken houses of the farmers, which has greatly helped the farmers’ chicken raising work. The farmers not only improve the labor efficiency of the chicken house, but also increase the economic efficiency of the farmers. Due to the extensive use of equipment, the maintenance of the equipment has gradually become a topic of concern for farmers. The quality of equipment maintenance is related to the length of life of poultry farming equipment. So the author will briefly talk about the maintenance of the equipment today.

1. What is the maintenance of poultry farming equipment: The maintenance of equipment means that the equipment is treated to protect the performance of the equipment during the use of the chicken equipment through cleaning, disinfection, regular inspection and lubrication adjustment. And it can also extend the life of the equipment, we call the maintenance of chicken equipment.

2. What is included in the maintenance of battery cage for poultry: The maintenance of the equipment by the farmers usually includes routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection. In addition, for mechanized equipment, equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance are also important aspects of maintenance.

Generally speaking, routine maintenance is the basis of equipment maintenance work. Farmers should regularly clean and clean the equipment to keep the equipment clean. Regular maintenance and repair of equipment is a relatively planned preventive inspection. In addition to viewing the equipment through the senses of the farmers, the farmers must also have certain inspection tools and instruments. Check the parts and systems according to the instructions of the equipment. There are abnormalities. If there are abnormalities and timely repairs, in addition, the farmers should also check the mechanical equipment to determine the accuracy of the actual accuracy of the equipment.

The above is the maintenance points of the equipment described by the author. I hope that the above description can help the farmers, thank you for your attention!