Chicken nipple waterline component and function

The nipple water line is a common and ideal drinking water equipment for chicken farms. It can effectively prevent drinking water leakage, help the air in the house to dry, reduce the ammonia smell and mold reproduction, improve the environment inside the house, and fully seal the water. The line ensures the freshness, cleanliness of the water supply, eliminates external pollution and reduces the incidence of diseases.

Nipple waterline components and functions:

filter. Filters are used to filter impurities in the water to allow the drinking water system to work effectively and provide enough clean water in poultry farm equipment suppliers.

Regulator. The pressure regulator should be properly adjusted according to the drinking water needs of the chicken. The transparent water pipe above is set for pressure indication and exhaust, and can be adjusted according to the age of the chicken and the amount of drinking water.

Water line. It consists of two parts: fixed steel pipe and water storage pipe. The fixed steel pipe is used to fix the lower water storage pipe to keep the water line straight and firm. The water storage pipe is where clean drinking water is stored.



nipple. Including stainless steel ball, sealing ring, flow pin, stainless steel contacts, saddle five parts. Function: The stainless steel ball acts as a water barrier; the sealing ring prevents water leakage; the flow pin acts as a water inlet and controls the water volume, and can enter the water when the core is lifted; the stainless steel contact is provided for the chicken water and has a water barrier Role; the saddle prevents the nipple from falling off the plastic tube.

Waterline lifting system. It includes a lifter that lifts the whole and a regulator that acts as a local lift.

Dosing device. It acts to add drugs to the waterline for poultry farming equipment for sale.

Causes and measures for water shortage or water leakage in the nipple waterline

The water line is not adjusted smoothly, there are high and low, high water shortage, should be leveled; the height of the flat chicken water line should gradually increase with the increase of age, generally the chicken heads up and the neck does not bow, do not step Prevail.

If the water pressure is not properly adjusted, you should first adjust it to the size of the chicken and correct it later. In principle, the greater the age of the flock, the higher the water pressure and vice versa. Generally, the water column at the end of the water line at the peak of summer egg production is about 20 cm high, and it can be lowered in winter.