Tips for raising chickens using fully automatic chicken raising equipment

Raising chickens with fully automatic layer rearing erequipment is a technical task. Don’t think you can raise good chickens with good equipment. The key is to master the skills of raising chickens. The first prerequisite for easy chicken raising is to master the knowledge of breeding technology. In order to ensure the healthy reproduction of chickens in chicken farms and create considerable economic benefits, how should farmers raise chickens healthily? Let’s take you to understand what are the skills of fully automatic chicken raising equipment.

1. Mixing with fine sand: The advantage of feeding chickens with fine sand is that the nutrients excreted by the chickens per unit time are relatively reduced, and the retention time of the nutrients in the chickens is correspondingly extended. The intestinal wall of the chicken can fully absorb nutrients. This prevents the waste of nutrients and improves the reproductive efficiency.

2. Addition of quinoa feed: Many farmers are not familiar with quinoa, also known as quinoa, quinoa, gray vegetables, etc., which is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine.

3. Mixed feed sawdust: fully ferment the sawdust, take 20% fermented sawdust, 50% grain, 27% bean cake, 2% bone meal, 0.5% iodized salt and other additives, and mix them to make compound feed.

4. Add honey: use 1 gram of honey per chicken every day, dilute with water, and mix it into layered feed twice in the morning and evening. The egg production rate can be increased by 10% to 20%.

5. Short-term fasting: During the process of laying hens, farmers can fast for 2 days from the tenth day of laying hens, and then feed them for another day. This method lasts for 10 days, and then normal feeding of laying hens can increase the yield by 10%-15%.

6. Vinegar to prevent disease: Within half a month after the chicks are taken out of their shells, feed the chickens with 1 part vinegar and 20 parts water or 1 part vinegar and 20 parts water every day. The chicks drink water, and the automatic layer equipment can effectively prevent the intestinal infectious diseases of the chicks and increase the survival rate.

Have you learned the skills of fully automatic chicken raising equipment? I believe you have already understood the techniques of raising chickens using fully automatic laying equipment. Hope the above content is helpful to you!