About the maintenance process of various equipment in the chicken house

The chicken equipment manufacturers explain the maintenance process of each equipment. It is essential for the farmers to understand each equipment first and know how to clean and maintain the equipment. Most farmers use equipment only when they use the equipment and do not know how to maintain the equipment. Here are some specific maintenance methods for the equipment in the farming equipment.

1. Cage: The maintenance method of the chicken battery cages is relatively simple, as long as it does not rust and is not corroded, its service life will be very long. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the fact that their surface is clean and non-polluting in the process of using cages normally, and it will not pose a threat to the chickens.

2. Feeding machine: The feeding machine can run on its own, and the feeding machine mainly relies on the motor. Therefore, in the normal use of the farmer, care should be taken not to overload the equipment, and the motor should be inspected regularly, and the situation should be reported and repaired in time.



3. Decontamination machine: The main power of the decontamination machine is also the motor. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the conveyor belt of the decontamination machine and the chain can operate normally. It is necessary to ensure that the decontamination belt of the decontamination machine does not corrode and the chain can be normal. Transfer, periodically adding lubricant to its chain to ensure uninterrupted chain operation.

4. Trick or Treat Machine: For the maintenance of the quail egg machine, it is necessary to pay more attention to it, because the normal operation of the quail egg machine will directly affect the income of the egg. Once the eggbeater malfunctions, the breakage rate of the eggs will increase, which will affect the economic benefits of the farmers in the later period. In the process of using the quail egg machine, the farmers should pay attention to whether the gripper of the egg is intact and whether the chain can operate normally, and regularly add lubricating oil to the chain to ensure its normal operation.

The above is the maintenance process for the various poultry farming equipment
that we will explain to you. I hope that the methods provided today can help the farmers.