How can we increase the growth rate of broilers?

The purpose of raising broilers is to make money. What methods can be used to quickly increase the growth rate of chicks?

The use of fully automatic equipment to raise chickens can increase the growth rate of broilers, and then install food troughs and sinks in the position of the broiler cages. Through the automatic feeding mechanism and the water supply system, the chicken diet can be carefully taken care of on time, so that all the poultry in the feeding process are Get enough food and water, and get a lot of growth nutrition in poultry farm equipment suppliers in Ghana .




The broiler cage is made of high-quality galvanized material, which can well control the occurrence of problems such as foot injury and infection during the movement of the poultry. At the same time, when the feces are produced, it can be conveniently inserted into the feces collection device from the bottom of the cage. Convenient handling of chicken manure to ensure a hygienic environment in the environment. The use of broiler cages for breeding is also good for the isolation of chickens on the one hand, preventing the infection of the entire feeding space when individual chickens are morbid, ensuring the overall hygiene of the poultry and greatly improving the production efficiency.


We can also find methods on chicken feed, for example, using some high-quality feeds, feeding broilers daily for feeding, and feeding each time with less feeding, regular quantification, and sufficient drinking water. The density is reasonable, depending on the breed and weight of the broiler. Fresh air should be ventilated at regular intervals to keep the air inside the bar fresh in layers battery cage system price for Ghana.