Methods of maintain broiler chicken farming equipment

Under normal circumstances, automated broiler chicken farming equipment has a long life span, which can be as long as 10-20 years. But the premise is that the automatic raising equipment is well protected, and the cleaning and disinfection of the automated breeding equipment is also very important, but it is also very complicated. Must be cautious when cleaning and disinfecting.

  1. The chicken raising equipment must work in strict accordance with the safety operating procedures, and cannot be overloaded. The safety and reliability of the equipment must be ensured. If there are unsafe factors, it should be eliminated in time.
  2. Regular oil refueling or oil change, no dry friction phenomenon can occur, to ensure that the oil pressure is always at normal filling and the oil path is unblocked.
  3. Tools should be placed neatly, and the lines and pipes should be organized.
  4. Make sure that no oil or air leakage occurs in all parts of the equipment to raise chickens, and how to maintain the equipment to clean up the surrounding debris.