Using battery cage system to raise chickens to improve the survival rate of chicken.

The profit of raising chickens is not only affected by the market price, but also by the cost of raising chickens, such as the cost of feed, the survival rate of chickens, and the cost of feed. Chicken farms can save money by buy battery cage systems. It can also improve the survival rate. But the following five conditions must be met.



1, first of all, to do a good proportion of nutritional feed.

In order to reduce the feed cost under the condition of meeting the nutritional standards of chickens, it is also necessary to ensure the normal growth and survival rate of chickens. Therefore, farmers should choose reasonable feed components according to the nutritional requirements of egg broilers at different stages, and pay attention to the quality of feed, feed raw materials should be fresh and mildew free, and pay attention to the storage of feed.


2.Create conditions suitable for the growth of young chickens.

The temperature of the chicken house controlled by farmers in the process of raising is very important to the growth and survival rate of chickens, especially the management of the temperature of the chicken house. When the environmental temperature changes, it will cause the disorder of chicken metabolism, the suppression of immunity, and even death. Therefore, it is very important to control the temperature well for the growth and survival rate of chicken flocks. Farmers should pay attention to reasonable control according to the temperature required by egg broilers and different growth stages.


  1. do a good job of drug prevention and control of chicken.

To increase the survival rate of a flock is to decrease the disease rate of a flock. Therefore, all aspects of preparedness work is very important, drug preparedness is very important, most bacterial diseases rely on the timing of drug delivery to achieve the purpose of preparedness. Spring popular bacterial diseases and parasitic diseases mainly include escherichia coli, salmonella, chronic respiratory diseases, coccidiosis, etc., and the onset of these diseases are mostly associated with age and environmental changes, which requires different drug preparation procedures according to different situations.


  1. Do a good job of ventilation and ventilation of the chicken house.

Hen house inside of ammonia, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases can severely affect the health of the crowd, the survival rate of decline in a crowd of, reasonable and effective ventilation to the harmful gas of henhouse excluded outside the henhouse, also sheds is able to supply the fresh air, so the henhouse ventilation operation is very important, especially in the winter breeding farmers don’t light thinking in heat preservation, both to thermal insulation, And pay attention to ventilation.


Clean and immunize chicken coop after changing batches.

Immunization should pay attention to Newcastle disease (at least two immunization, can also pursue three immunization), influenza (H9 is necessary to avoid, H5 in the serious epidemic SITUATION I suggest also to avoid, avoid must be better than inevitable), transmission to avoid early (can be advanced to 1 day of age spray), blastocyst treasure is more suitable for incubation chamber immunity. Immune effect to point eye, nose drops, subcutaneous injection (broiler considering the effect of oil seedlings on chicken quality does not initiate muscle injection), spray is more reliable, drinking water immune gap and problems are still many, but many chicken farms just accustomed to drinking water immunity, what to save effort.


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